Our Information

Class trips:

Trips of educational value are undertaken and encouraged. 

Parents are usually invited to help with transport and supervision. A small charge to help with transport (petrol) may be made. 

Road crossing:

There is an underpass under State Highway One outside Rodney College for those needing to get across the road. 

There is also a pedestrian crossing outside the school gates which is supervised in the afternoons by a teacher. 

Traffic in school grounds:

It is requested that parents do not drive into the school car park during school hours. 

This request is made in the interests of children’s safety but also because the parking area is very small and congested. 

We also request that great care be taken at the school gate where inconsiderate parking can be a serious threat to the lives of children.

Students can be dropped off or picked up at the entrance in the Bus Bay area. 

Children leaving:

If your child should be transferring to another school please notify this school in advance, preferably in writing. 

Personal property should be removed before departure, and any property belonging to this school returned. 

If notified in advance we can give you information to pass on to the other school at the time of enrolment thus making your child’s placement more accurate. 

Reporting to parents:

Parents are invited to meet their children’s new teachers during February, and again for interviews in April and August. 

In addition please feel welcome to make individual appointments should the need arise. 

Music Lessons

Wellsford School is able to offer students specialised music lessons on a Friday.  Martin Worthington, an accredited music teacher through A+ Music visits the school each Friday and takes lessons in keyboard, guitar, violin, flute, and other with students that sign up.  Lessons run from 8:30am till 3:00pm so students will sometimes miss some of their classroom programme.

One on one lessons incur a cost to the parent of $25 for a half hour lesson. 

For group lessons students can pair up to reduce the cost to $15 per lesson each. 

Parents interested in finding out more about Martin’s lessons can contact him on 021 0273 1704 or at aplusmusictuition@windowslive.com