Our enrolment forms are available online via Hero.

Please be aware that the following enrolment documentation is required before we can process your application.  We are happy to photocopy documents for you.

Your application will be processed once the enrolment form is received together with the required documentation listed above.   If you are unclear about anything or have any questions phone Dianne Drew on  09 4238042 or email info@wellsford.school.nz.

Please check your home address on the educationcounts.govt.nz/find-school website to ensure you are in our school zone. 

Enrolment Letter

Enrolment Policy

School Brochure

Preschool Visits:

Your child is welcome to visit school for three Friday mornings in the weeks just prior to their fifth birthday. You are invited to call the school office to arrange the dates for these visits on 09 423 8042. 

At the same time we can give you a list of the items we need from you such as a copy of the child’s birth certificate, immunisation chart, etc. to help speed up the enrolment process. 

We look forward to receiving your completed enrolment application. 

This is our school book. 

Can you spot the bear on each page?

Enrolment Zone

Starting at the intersection of Oruawharo road (both sides included) and State Highway 1, travel south along State Highway 1 (even addresses 696-704 only included and odd addresses 701-1189 only included) to Mangawhai Road. Travel east along Mangawhai Road (even addresses 344 and below and odd addresses 341 and below only included; Wharfe Road excluded) to Lower Silver Hill Road (both sides included) and onto Silver Hill Road. Continue east along Silver Hill Road (even addresses 512 and below only included) to Parker Road.

Travel south along Parker Road (both sides included) and across country to Waiteitei Road. Continue south across country from Waiteitei Road (even addresses 334 and below and odd addresses 379A and below only included; Taylor Road included) to Tomarata Valley Road. Travel west along Tomarata Valley Road (odd addresses 169 and below only included) to Whangaripo Valley Road. Travel west along Whangaripo Valley Road (odd addresses 1005 and below and even addresses 1000 and below only included) to Wayby Valley Road. Travel south along Wayby Valley Road (even addresses 564 and below and odd addresses 557 and below only included) to Wilson Road. Travel east along Wilson Road (both sides included) and across country to the intersection of Conical Peak Road (both sides included) and Waiwhiu Road. Travel southwest along Waiwhiu Road (both sides included) to State Highway 1.

Travel north along State Highway 1 to Wayby Station Road. Travel west along Wayby Station Road (both sides included; Oldfield Road included) to Kaipara Coast Highway (SH 16). From Kaipara Coast Highway (odd addresses 5135 and above and even addresses 5150 and above only included) travel across country north to Partridge Road (both sides included) and then north again to J V Grant Road (addresses 141 and below only included). From J V Grant Road, travel northwest across country to Wharehine Road. Travel north along Wharehine Road (addresses 984 and above only included; Pah Hill Road, Beaver Road included; Grice Road excluded) to the coastline of Topuni River. Follow the Topuni River moving east back to the starting point.