Communicating with school

Contacting school.

Our office is open between 8.30 and 3.30, Monday to Friday during term time.

Unfortunately, we can only pass messages to our learners during the school day if it is something urgent, such as changes to going home arrangements. We are sure you will understand that frequent interruptions disrupt the learning process. Please ensure messages are sent to the office BEFORE 2pm. 

If you wish to talk about the progress of your child, your first step should always be to contact the teacher who knows your child best. Please email or Dojo them to arrange a time that is convenient for both parties.

On occasion, you may wish to meet with a Team Leader, Deputy Principal or the Principal.  Our school is a very busy place so it is essential you make an appointment first. This can be done via the office on or by phoning 09 423 8042

When visiting us,  please sign in at the office and wait for the person you are meeting to come to you. Remember to sign out when leaving.  It is a Health and Safety requirement that we know who is onsite. 

Signing children in late and signing out early.

Children who arrive late should come to the office so the roll can be updated.   

If you need to collect your child early, please come to the office to sign them out. We will call your child to the office to minimise disruptions to learning.