Our BoT

Board of Trustees Members 2023


Deejay Korewha : Elected Member / Presiding Member

Bianca Nuttall : Elected Member 

Ray Archer: Elected Member

Libby Clews: Elected Member

Kate Waldrom : Elected Member

Ashlee Prictor: Co-opted Member

Leann Kapea: Co-opted Member

Ngadia Jones : Elected by Staff / Staff Trustee

Jenifer Roberts : Principal 

 Dianne Drew : Board Secretary (not a member) 

All New Zealand state schools have a Board of Trustees (BOT)

The BOT is responsible for determining the strategic direction in which the school is heading (in consultation with parents, staff and students). The Board must also ensure that the school provides a safe environment and quality education for all students and staff.

The principal is the Chief Executive in relation to the school's control and management. The principal is required to comply with the Board's general policy directions but has complete discretion to manage the school on a day to day basis.

Key responsibilities of a BOT

1. Overseeing the preparation of the school Charter

2. Establishing policy and priorities in support of the Charter

3. Approving budgets related to Charter objectives

4. Appointing the Principal to implement policy that will

    achieve the Charter goals and objectives.

5. Appointing staff on the recommendation of the Principal

    or staffing sub-committee in case of senior appointments.

6. Reporting to the community and the Minister on the

    achievement of agreed objectives. 

Terms of office

Board members are elected by the school's community once every three years. Where there are fewer nominations for election than places available, there is no election and the nominees are declared elected. There is provision for the appointment of up to four co-opted members.